Friday 3 November 2023

Alteryx Obscura and Wordyx

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One of my favourite sessions at the Alteryx Inspire conference in recent years has been the fantastic "Alteryx Obscura" session invented by Alteryx's Steve Ahlgren. For anyone who hasn't seen the session: it is a series of lightening talks from Alteryx ACEs, employees and customers, making Alteryx do fun things that it was never designed to do.

For anyone familiar with my prior work of ChessFractals and Conway's Game Of Life in Alteryx, will find it no surprise that Obscura is my kind of session! If you haven't managed to see one of these sessions live at Inspire yet then the Polish User Group did a re-run which you can watch here.

My presentation from 2022 was Wordyx: an implementation of a rather well known word game inside of an Alteryx workflow, played with a text input and browse tool.

The implementation in Alteryx takes a surprisingly few number of tools!

We recently did an internal re-run here at Alteryx and I was asked if I could share the workflow from my Wordyx presentation, which I am very pleased to do here.

My 2023 presentation Blackjayx was less of a successful workflow (and not one that is yet in a state to share), but I did have the great pleasure of sharing a stage with a "virtual" Sir Ian Livingstone! Certainly a highlight of my career.

Adam Riley

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