Available for download at

NOTE: You will require Alteryx 10.0 or later to use this macro pack.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the zip file above
  2. Extract it to a location on your machine where you want to keep the macros.  (Not in the Program Files/Alteryx folder or an existing Macros folder)
  3. Run Install.yxwz

Community Supported

These macros are not an official Alteryx release and as such they have not been through the full testing process that tools in the product have.  Some of them are prototypes and experimental, but that is some of what makes them so fun.  

If you find an issue let me know either in the comments below or drop me personally a note and I'll take a look, or if you can see how to fix it yourself then even better!


  1. How do debug errors in list runner?

  2. You say not to save them in the "(Not in the Program Files/Alteryx folder or an existing Macros folder)". Do you have a recommendation/suggestion where you believe is a good location?

    1. Mine are in C:\CReWMacros but "C:\Users\ariley\Documents\CReWMacros" might be better depending how locked down your machine is.

  3. Does this work on trial version of Alteryx? I am getting an error saying "workflow contains unlicensed tool"

  4. Hi,

    my Crew macros workflow is failing if i schedule it.

  5. Hi, I love your add totals macro but it's not including new columns automatically.
    How to modify it to get new month column selected to calculate row total?

  6. We are seeing an error running workflows containing Python tools via List Runner:
    Error: Unknown InitVar "IsDebugAnalyticApp". It is a known bug. See Any solutions on the horizon or recommendations? Thnaks, Bob

  7. Hi, I changed the folder of this macro, now it doesn't open, I tried to move to the original folder and uninstall there, and on new folder, try to install again fail. Is there anyway I can make it work again?

  8. For installing CREW macro in Alteryx Server do we need to have stop the server and then install it or we can directly install it?

  9. Great stuff Adam!

    The Field Sort tool does not retain each field's data type--they all become V_WString. Can you modify the macro so that it automatically reflects the original type?

  10. Hi Adam,

    What license are these macros released under?

  11. There is a documentation of components? I would like learn to use each ones thems