Thursday 5 October 2023

Announcing Alteryx Marketplace | CReW Macros Available via Alteryx!

Alteryx has launched their new Marketplace for Add-Ons.

The Alteryx Marketplace will be the place to find the latest and greatest for your data journey. 

Featured Add-Ons in October include some of the most used tools and macros created and managed by CReW Macros. CReW Macros have already saved Alteryx users hours, if not days, with their efficient and thoughtful tools, and now you can access them on the Alteryx Marketplace as verified and supported Add-Ons. See their power in action in quick demo videos here.

Featured Macros Include:  Ensure Fields, Expect Equal, Expect Records, Expect Zero Records, Grouped Record ID, Control Container Error Check, Only Unique.

More are coming soon!

Ensure Fields                      
Expect Equal                      
Expect Records                  
Expect Zero Records          
Grouped Record ID            
Control Container Error Check
Only Unique                       

Don't worry!  CReW isn't going anywhere.  We are simply making it easier for access to the best macro add-ons directly from Alteryx.  


Mark (and Adam)

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1 comment:

  1. It appears the Alteryx Marketplace only has the individual tools that would take a long time to install after every computer or Alteryx upgrade. Is that correct, and then is there any disadvantage to continuing to use the zip installation method on this site?

    With the prior installation method on this site,
    If we've already extracted and installed it in a prior version of Alteryx to a shared drive, is it ok to just put the location of the CReW macro folder back into Alteryx user settings macros folder list? Or is it really better to download and install to a new folder each time per the directions?

    It seems like every time I upgrade Alteryx and reinstall CReW macros and open a workflow, even if I hadn't opened and saved a workflow before CReW reinstallation, the workflow can't find the CReW tools, and I have to go in and hand edit the XML file location reference in the workflow to stop that error you get on opening.