Monday 15 November 2021

Alteryx Runner 🏃 Macro: Check out the Alteryx Gallery!

Inside of the Alteryx Gallery, find the Districts page and look for Alteryx Product District:

Scroll down and you'll find the Runner macro (from Alteryx)

If that's all you need to get running, you can quit here.  The Alteryx runner macro works the same as the CReW Runner macro.  If you're asking, "Where can I find the other Runner macros?"  I don't have an answer for when they may appear.  But I can tell you that if you're looking for a List Runner macro that you're in luck.  We're prepared to show you a quick DIY hack for creating a List Runner macro out of the "official" Alteryx Runner macro.


Download Link

Control Parameter


Macro Output (x2)


Download the macro (yes, you can use the link above.)

Save the macro somewhere special.  Don't worry about error messages regarding their assets.

Open a new workflow and insert the Runner Macro.

Above the macro place your control parameter onto the canvas.

Connect the Q anchor to the Lightning bolt on the RUNNER tool set action to update the "Value" on the Runner.

Connect a Macro Output tool to each of the RUNNER anchors (Label them Success 'S' and Failure 'F' properly).


Additional Learning Option:

Watch Esther & me walk you through the process in a YouTube video:

You can improve the quality of the macro and let us know what you've done.  Perhaps you can save your macro to Alteryx?  

I'm not posting this macro here.  Why?  We already have a CReW List Runner.



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