Thursday 17 December 2020

CReW Data Cleanse

Yet another new macro is about to be released!  Alteryx has "AMP"ed up their game and while not all tools are AMP-Compatible, surely more speed is coming.  I've long thought about taking a stab at a CReW Data Cleanse tool, but since the release of an ALTERYX macro that delivers that functionality I have stayed in the peanut gallery.  I'll be releasing a CReW macro before Christmas 2020.  On Friday, December 18th I will surprise the Dallas-Fort Worth User Group (Virtual) with a presentation on the macro instead of (or in addition to) their expected presentation on CReW Generate Dummy Variables.

When you use one (or more) Data Cleanse macros in your workflow, you do sacrifice performance.  Think of it as cleaning the house with a toothbrush and a cup of water.  I am offering you a mop and a bucket.  Make your workflows run faster and give others a chance to use the shared resources.  If you're working with large sets of data, this macro upgrade is essential.

Alteryx Community Post:

Presentation (YouTube) on this macro can be found here:  

Walk-thru (YouTube) of macro can be found here:




  1. Has this cleanse tool published into the macro package yet? I don't see it in the current download...?


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