Tuesday 12 November 2013

Another New Alteryx Blog

As if one new Alteryx blog (inspiringingenuity.net) wasn't enough, there is now another Alteryx themed blog by no other than the reigning Alteryx Grand Prix Champion - Chris Love.

Check it out here http://sciolisticramblings.wordpress.com.

His latest blog post creates a bi-variate themed map macro using some great custom XML manipulation.

He also has some great posts on:
The interactive maps post makes use of some of the experimental work that Ned Harding (Alteryx's CTO) has being doing over on his blog around interactive charting.  If you haven't been following these posts I would highly recommend that you take a look.  He is just wrapping the series up so a great time to read the whole lot at once. http://inspiringingenuity.net/2013/11/11/alteryx-a-reusable-nvd3-macro/

Look out for a macro from me using some of his techniques coming soon...

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