Thursday 20 June 2019

#Alteryx19 - Nashville: We turned it up to Eleven!

Can you CReW with the best?

As part of #Alteryx19 we conducted not one, but two sold out CReW macro training classes.  With the assistance of @TessaEnns we demonstrated how to gain productivity through the use of CReW macros.  We delved into some alternative methods for getting to the same results, how to open and investigate the macros along with how to get involved with CReW.

Tessa drove and I was the navigator and tour guide for the sessions.  There were some twists and turns as we fielded questions from the class participants.  We explored existing and new use cases that included questions like:  "How can you make the DISTANCE tool execute faster when applying TomTom drive time distances?"  Our answers included options of:  Don't use it when you've previously calculated that distance (save your results),  Overlay a grid to your catchment (trade) area and calculate the distance/times from the center of each grid rather than from the specific household address, Amp up your memory.

Upon return from Nashville, we've added 5 short YouTube videos explaining the following macros:

If you haven't yet subscribed to my (MarqueeCrew) YouTube channel, please do so.

There's been lots of discussion about incorporating CReW functionality into the Alteryx product.  It's no secret that many of the macros would benefit the product and make it easier on new and existing members of #AlterNation.  These ideas have been officially posted to Community and your vote (star) couldn't hurt:

Elevate Crew Macro Pack support from Community based to Officially Supported
Can we add some of the CReW tools and JDunkerly formulae to Alteryx

Even if Alteryx brings all of the macros to life within the product, we'll likely still be here as a proving ground for new innovation.  As a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) or better, the CReW macros assist in making Alteryx more useful and easier to configure.

Hidden in plain view (at the end of this blog) is a note of caution.  It has come to our attention that the Runner Macros do not run on computers with Windows 10 Enterprise.  If you have overcome this obstacle, please let me know.  There are several posts on community about this and we don't currently have plans to address the functionality.

At Inspire we discussed as part of Build2 the creation of new macros.  Maybe you've already created one of these macros:

  • Summary Append:  Merge the functionality of a Summary and Join tool to apply grouping logic and put the result of the summation (e.g. Total by Group) on each incoming record.
  • Record-Row ID:  Extend the RecordID tool to allow to reset to a starting value (e.g. 1) for every record within a group or set.
If you have feedback on these or other ideas, please comment in the blog or reach out to me directly.




  1. Thanks for letting everyone know there is an issue with Runner macros and Windows 10 Enterprise. I posted sample workflows to reproduce the infinite loop error at this link:

    However, my company do need this defect fixed, as we have Alteryx workflows that needs the List Runner and Log Parser macros working, so there is an Alteryx Tech Support case #00285081 open to request for a fix for this defect.

    My firm have met with Alteryx to discuss support of the Runner macros with our account manager, along with DrDan, so hopefully there will be resource devote to fixing this defect.

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  3. Great idea for Record-Row ID: Extend the RecordID tool to allow to reset to a starting value (e.g. 1) for every record within a group or set.

    It would be nice to also have an option to add a unique prefix when resetting the starting value for every group. We could use this for Fuzzy create a unique record id for two sources after a Union, before a Fuzzy Match.


    Source RecordId NewRecordId
    A 1 11
    A 2 12
    A 3 13
    B 4 21
    B 5 22
    B 6 23


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