Friday 11 November 2011

Alteryx 7.0 - New Features Announced To Date

As I mentioned in my last post I think Alteryx 7.0 is going to be the most exciting release that I have seen (and that's not just because I have been working on it!)

I thought it would be worth a brief re-cap of the new features announced so far (complete with links to the Alteryx Engine Works blog):

Guzzler Improvements (link)
Some improvements to the core drive time engine in Alteryx's functionality offering: "which allows for more accurate drive time and drive radius calculations"

XML Parsing (link)
A feature that I know users have been asking for, for a long time.  Alteryx 7.0 sees XML support in the input tool along with a new XML parsing tool.

Alteryx web and the Private Cloud (link)
Alteryx 6.2 saw the release of Alteryx web On-Premise solution, another hugely exciting development for Alteryx. "It is an installable web application that allows end users to upload Alteryx wizards, manage users and run wizards all via a web browser." And being On-Premise clients can keep all of their data and modules secure on their on servers within their company.  Alteryx 7.0 promises more exciting features around "Permissions, Scheduling, Active Directory and viewing yxdbs and PCXML files."

Alteryx Map Changes (link)
This one is close to my heart as it is the main feature I have been working on since I joined Alteryx last February.  It is actually the second major re-write the mapping tool has seen and hopefully fulfills many of the requests we have received for mapping.

Input/Output Enhancements (link)
A new split button and latest used files gives you faster access to your files and database connections.  Plus the new Alias feature to manage your data connections and passwords.

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  1. Adam,

    Good to see you are posting again! I like the new look and great name! Can't wait to get 7.0 in production...

    Take care, Ron