Tuesday 4 January 2011

Alteryx 2011 - New Features - New Spatial Functions

Alteryx 2011 adds two new spatial functions to the formula toolbox:
  • ST_CreateLine(point1, point2, ...)
  • ST_CreatePolygon(obj1, obj2, ...)
Which pretty much do what they say.

So ST_CreateLine(ST_CreatePoint(1,1), ST_CreatePoint(1,2), ST_CreatePoint(2,2),  ST_CreatePoint(2,1)) gives us a spatial line:

and ST_CreatePolygon(ST_CreatePoint(1,1), ST_CreatePoint(1,2), ST_CreatePoint(2,2), ST_CreatePoint(2,1)) gives us a polygon:

Great for creating your own charts (e.g. Gannt or Polar) or other interesting uses of Alteryx's spatial functions.

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