Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Alteryx Team Blog

The Alteryx team blog has a new home and name.  Check out the "Alteryx Engine Works" here:

Comments are also working at last, so hopefully we'll see some questions from the community on the new features of Alteryx 6.0 as the team blog about them.  First post on Document Constants is already there and looks like a powerful new feature.

For anyone who is subscribed to my google RSS Alteryx bundle then I have updated this to include the new "Alteryx All Blogs RSS Feed".  For anyone who isn't subscribed then the below link gives you access to all of the Alteryx RSS feeds in one place:

On a related note the UK Alteryx Blog now has e-mail subscriptions available courtesy of feedburner.  Blog posts delivered directly to your inbox. Sign up at the below link:

Subscribe to The UK Alteryx Blog by Email

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